September 1—Confirmation Class at 4 or 6 pm
September 12—Rally Sun-Day
Sunday Worship returns to two services:
8:30 am & 11 o’clock
Sunday school at 9:45 am
11 am Service Blessing of the Back Packs  
               Bring your backpacks...
& Blessing of all Teachers and Assistance
Bible Presentation for PK, 2nd graders and 7th graders

September 15—Rally Wednes-Day
Wednesday school at 6 pm
Family worship service in Sanctuary 7 pm

September26th - 9:30 am BRUNCH - as a fund raiser for the Raise the Roof Project

Holy Communion the 2nd and 4th Sundays
First Communion Sign-up will begin in September

Nordefest Plus - October 30th
Sponsored by Grace Lutheran Church Women